Moscow bans entry for several Australian security officials and top executives — RT EN

Russia has decided to ban 39 Australian security officers and top managers from entering the country. This decision was made in response to restrictions imposed by Australia against Russians under the Magnitsky Act. Russian authorities have banned 39 Australian nationals from entering Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry website said published Report. The statement of reasons […]

Australian supermarket chain offers transgender people paid leave – for gender confirmation — RT DE

The Australian supermarket chain Coles wants to support its transgender and diverse employees in the future for medical or advisory purposes. In addition, up to ten paid vacation days “to confirm their gender” should be made possible. Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain with over 740 stores and around 92,000 employees. Coles is the […]

Australian researcher points to enzyme as cause of sudden infant death syndrome — RT EN

It’s a nightmare vision for every parent: healthy babies suddenly dying in their sleep. Until now, one could only speculate about the causes of the so-called sudden infant death. An Australian researcher has now come a big step closer to enlightenment. One of the biggest fears for parents is cot death – the unexpected and […]