Latvian authorities ban commemoration of liberation of Salaspils Nazi death camp — RT EN

27 Sep 2022 06:30 am Because it would popularize the Red Army and thus a “totalitarian regime” – with this argument the city council of the Latvian town of Salaspils banned the commemoration of the anniversary of the liberation of one of the most cruel Nazi concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Although Salaspils was not […]

Dark Christmas? Environmental aid wants to ban ‘private lighting orgies’ — RT DE

26 Sep 2022 7:23 p.m The German Environmental Aid calls for a waiver of Christmas lights – in view of the high power consumption at Christmas. A maximum of one tree per city and municipality should be illuminated, according to Federal Managing Director Resch. The waiver could make the Christmas season “very special”. Source: […]

Germany calls for ban on EU citizens holding positions in Russian companies — RT DE

26 Sep 2022 7:01 am The case of Gerhard Schröder will probably not leave the Chancellery in peace. As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reports, the federal government now wants to enforce a ban on EU citizens at European level to work in senior positions in Russian companies. Source: © Markus Hibbeler/Getty Images The German government […]

UK lifts fracking ban — RT DE

22 Sep 2022 9:10 p.m The USA has been extracting enormous amounts of gas from fracking for years. However, the method is controversial. The UK suspended the trial in 2019 due to environmental concerns. But now London wants to lift the fracking ban because of the energy crisis. Britain on Thursday lifted a moratorium on […]

Gulf states threaten Netflix with ban — RT EN

8 Sep 2022 7:58 p.m Saudi Arabia and five other Gulf Council member states are bothered by several films and series on the Netflix streaming service. Because of the violation of Islamic values, the platform is now threatened with a ban in these conservative countries. In a joint communiqué on Tuesday, the six member states […]