Social association warns of wave of personal bankruptcies — RT DE

22 Sep 2022 7:06 p.m The social association VdK fears that more and more households could slide into private bankruptcy due to the significant increase in energy prices. The end of the price flag pole for electricity is far from being reached. Source: © imago stock&people, via In view of the increasingly unaffordable […]

Over 5,000 insolvencies since the beginning of the year – German company bankruptcies increase significantly in May — RT DE

14 June 2022 06:15 am In May, the number of corporate insolvencies filed in Germany rose by 8.4 percent compared to the previous month. Between January and March, around 3,500 companies had to file for bankruptcy – by the end of May this number was estimated to have risen to over 5,000 bankruptcy applications. Source: […]

Commerzbank boss sees German economy facing a wave of bankruptcies — RT DE

The CEO of Commerzbank Manfred Knof expects more insolvencies in Germany because of the effects of the EU sanctions against Russia. Accordingly, the Commerzbank boss sees an increase in loan defaults this year due to higher inflation. Commerzbank CEO Manfred Knof sees Germany confronted with a wave of bankruptcies because of the sanctions of the […]