An insider tip ?: Why it is difficult to start construction in winter

For a long time it was said: If you start building a house in winter, you can save. According to construction experts, this is no longer the case. However, there may be difficulties with the weather. The hibernation on the building site is largely a thing of the past. Construction companies now work all year […]

For the ninth time in a row: This is the bank of the year 2021

Despite a few annoyances and an overall slightly lower level of satisfaction, customers often remain loyal to their bank. The vast majority would re-elect them, as a large customer survey by the German Institute for Service Quality shows. Customer satisfaction with the financial sector is declining slightly, as a large survey of around 29,500 customer […]

543 times 0.00 percent: there is hardly any interest on overnight money

You can save yourself. Because you hardly get interest on your deposits at banks and savings banks. At most institutions, the interest rate for overnight money accounts is 0.00 percent. Savers get almost no interest for their deposits in overnight money accounts. A current evaluation of the comparison portal Verivox shows: Very few financial institutions […]

At the top of Deutsche Bank: This Dutchman becomes chief controller

Achleitner’s successor as chairman of the Deutsche Bank supervisory board is as good as clear: 61-year-old Alexander Wynaendts is to head the supervisory body. After the supervisory board itself, the main committee still has to give its approval. The Dutchman has already been through a number of crises. The name is a surprise even for […]

Pandemic, Inflation and Building Money: How Corona Affects Interest Rates

Rising incidences mean falling interest rates – and vice versa. As long as the pandemic is not over, building money prices will continue to fluctuate. But there are other important factors that will influence developments in 2022. For almost two years, the corona numbers have determined public life and economic development in Germany and the […]