Belgrade and the ‘precedent’ of Kosovo – Russian intentions and Serbian expectations — RT DE

By Marinko Učur, Belgrade/Banja Luka The genie was let out of the bottle. A precedent was set after the West recognized Kosovo as an independent state in 2008, and it is now difficult to defend the Western thesis that “Kosovo is a special case”. Those who follow Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public appearances will find […]

Roskosmos chief Rogozin recalls Biden’s proposal to bomb Belgrade — RT EN

18 mar 2022 8:06 am Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has released video of Biden’s speech on the Belgrade bombing after Biden called the Russian president a war criminal. The Kremlin found today’s US President’s statements unacceptable. US President Joe Biden suggested bombing Belgrade in 1999. This was recalled by the head of the Russian space […]