Musk speaks of billions in losses at new Tesla plants in Brandenburg and Texas — RT DE

23 June 2022 1:42 p.m Tesla boss Elon Musk sees the US automaker’s new electric car plants in Grünheide near Berlin and Austin in the US state of Texas as “gigantic money incinerators”. According to the US entrepreneur, it is now a matter of keeping the business running. Source: © Patrick Pleul / dpa […]

Billions in aid for German companies suffering from Russia sanctions — RT DE

The sharp increase in energy costs is causing problems for many companies. In addition, numerous companies have recorded sales declines due to the collapse of sales markets or production losses due to the sanctions against Russia. The federal government wants to provide help with a program worth billions. Tank discount, nine-euro ticket – and now […]

Billions for Ukraine, nothing for Latin America – Mexico’s president denounces US policy — RT EN

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador launched a five-day tour of four Central American countries and Cuba on Thursday. There he sharply criticized the US for quickly sending billions to Ukraine instead of supporting development aid in Central America. by Maria Muller During his tour of several Central American countries, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López […]

Crisis profiteer and tax avoider Amazon collects billions in subsidies — RT DE

10 Feb 2022 7:31 am The US company Amazon, worth billions, has been under criticism for a long time, not only because the company tramples on workers’ rights worldwide, but also because it avoids taxes despite record sales. Amazon, “the $1.4 trillion tech juggernaut and notorious tax dodger,” is aggressively grabbing taxpayers’ money, not just […]

State collects billions of euros too much in taxes from citizens — RT DE

28 Jan 2022 07:59 am According to the Taxpayers’ Association, citizens lose billions every year due to outdated tax allowances. The association had previously criticized the waste of taxpayers’ money. At the same time, the Treasury loses billions every year due to cross-border tax abuse. According to calculations by the Association of Taxpayers (BdSt), German […]