Bolivia’s President takes stock and sees attempts to destabilize census dispute — RT DE

10 Nov 2022 12:29 pm Bolivian President Luis Arce has been in office for two years. Against the background of a widening dispute over a postponed census, he draws up an interim assessment of his government. At the same time, he accuses the opposition of attempts to destabilize it. On Tuesday, Bolivian President and Prime […]

Bolivia’s ex-leader Evo Morales accuses US drug agency of destabilizing plans — RT EN

13 Feb 2022 21:00 On Saturday, former Bolivian President Evo Morales warned his compatriots about a plan by the US Drug Enforcement Agency to destabilize the Andean country. The background is a US investigation against his former anti-drug chief Maximiliano Dávila. Former Bolivian head of state Evo Morales accused the US drug enforcement agency DEA […]