‘Migration as a weapon’ – Finland wants to strengthen border fence with Russia — RT EN

A “new era of tension” requires stronger barriers than the current “wooden cattle fences,” the Finnish parliament decided. It now wants to build more stable fortifications on the approximately 1,300-kilometer-long eastern border with neighboring Russia. Finland’s parliament has passed legislation to build stronger fences on the border with Russia as the country seeks to join […]

Duma chief discusses termination of Russian-Norwegian sea border agreement — RT EN

In view of the acute tensions with the West, Russia is now examining the possibility of terminating the Russian-Norwegian maritime border agreement. The trigger is the Kingdom’s refusal to allow supplies from Russia to Svalbard. On Tuesday, Duma deputy Mikhail Matveyev addressed the tense relationship between Moscow and Oslo at the session of the Russian […]

Poland completes border fence with Belarus — RT EN

Poland has completed construction of the 187-kilometer fence on its border with Belarus. The government sees the barrier as an important means of protection – against illegal migration, among other things. The project is estimated at the equivalent of 366 million euros. Poland on Thursday declared the construction of the 187-kilometer fence on its border […]

Poland expands border fence with Belarus – but millions of people arriving from Ukraine were allowed in — RT DE

Can that be a uniform migration policy? While Poland is significantly increasing border security towards Belarus – with a high fence and electronic barriers – its border is virtually open to Ukrainians entering. On Saturday, 14 people from Belarus were prevented from entering the country. On the same day, almost 29,000 Ukrainians crossed the Polish […]

Greece expands border fence with Turkey — RT EN

29 May 2022 2:55 p.m Against the background of the current tensions with Turkey, Greece is planning to expand its border fortifications. This should prevent another wave of migration from Turkey to the EU. Since the beginning of the year, Athens has prevented around 40,000 illegal border crossings. © Byron Smith / Getty Images News […]