“Eliminate Before Deploying!” What do western weapons bring to Ukraine? — RT DE

by Alexei Savassin and Elisaveta Komarova London becomes the Ukrainian Armed Forces M270 rocket launcher and hand over suitable ammunition. The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain declared the decision to supply this MLRS [M270: Multiple Launch Rocket System Mehrfachraketenwerfer-Artilleriesystem auf Kettenfahrgestell] was made in close consultation with the USA, as well as that of […]

“Bring more dollars!” — RT DE

In view of rising energy prices, Argentina wants to produce more gas and oil. For this purpose, the South American country needs investments. The government has announced a package of measures that include easing foreign exchange controls. Argentina’s government on Tuesday announced a package of measures aimed at boosting the domestic hydrocarbon industry. President Alberto […]

“We bring independent news to Russia” — RT DE

So far, YouTube is not blocked in Russia, although the platform is spreading fake news about the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The head of the online service now emphasized in Davos that they would stay in Russia to deliver “independent news”. YouTube has blocked Russian “state-sponsored media” around the world, but remains active in […]

Instead of exchanging Nazi criminals, they bring them to justice — RT DE

Ukrainian Nazis should not be exchanged for Russian prisoners, according to Duma spokesman Volodin. Instead, captured criminals should be brought to justice. Yesterday some of the fighters from the Azov Steelworks surrendered. Captured Azov Nazi criminals should not be exchanged, but their fate should be decided by a court. This was announced by the speaker […]