“Special Relationship” reloaded? Britain and US as hardliners against Russia in Ukraine war — RT DE

Brexit fuels the economic and military partnership between England and the USA. However, with the constant call for the sanctions against Russia to be extended, they are also harming the EU and in particular the former export world champion Germany. Meanwhile, the economic and energy security of the Anglo-Saxons is much better. by Kaspar Sachsen […]

Why Britain insists on ‘global NATO’ — RT EN

An analysis by Polina Duhanova and Aloena Medvedeva British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss advocates the creation of a “global NATO”. According to her, the expansion of the organization is necessary to ensure control over security in the Indo-Pacific region. She underlined that such an enlargement would not imply the admission of countries in other parts […]

Britain sends arms to Kosovo as Serbia feels security threatened — RT EN

18 Apr 2022 10:12 p.m In an interview with RTV Pink, Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin described the British authorities’ delivery of arms to Kosovo as an unfriendly move towards Belgrade. He explained: “I think the UK supplying arms to the Kosovar Albanians is an unfriendly move because you cannot arm terrorists and hope for […]