Gunfire, people build barricades — RT EN

For days there have been fears that the conflict in the Serb-majority area around the city of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo could flare up again. There have been repeated reports of gunfire since late Sunday afternoon. Now the authorities of the unrecognized area of ​​northern Kosovo have sounded the alarm. Air raid sirens have been […]

Russia will leave ISS after 2024 – and build its own station — RT DE

Recently appointed by the Russian President as the new Director General of Roscosmos, Yuri Borissov has informed Vladimir Putin about Russia’s withdrawal from the International Space Station. Accordingly, Russia will withdraw from the ISS project in 2024 and primarily build its own new Russian orbital station ROSS. Russia’s current focus in manned space exploration is […]

‘Confident’ China will not build military base in Solomon Islands — RT DE

After talks with his counterpart from the Solomon Islands, the Australian Prime Minister expressed confidence that Beijing will not build a military base on the archipelago. Beijing and the Solomon Islands had always denied this anyway. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said he is “very confident” there will be no Chinese bases in the […]

US wants to build alliance against Iran — RT EN

Shortly before a trip to the Middle East by US President Joe Biden, Tehran warns the US not to intensify plans for regional cooperation against Iran. These intentions are “provocative” and pose a threat to Iran’s national security. Iran has described the United States’ statement that it wants to work more closely on coordinating regional […]

North Korea: US trying "Asian NATO" build up

North Korea’s KCNA news agency published an op-ed accusing the US of wanting to build a second, Asian NATO to encircle rivals like China and Russia. The news agency is the official voice of the North Korean government. In its commentary, the agency accuses the United States of trying to conduct joint military exercises with […]

“Want to build 240,000 homes in Syria” — RT DE

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced that Ankara wants to build 240,000 apartments for Syrian refugees in the Turkish-occupied areas of northern Syria by the end of the year. They should then – supposedly voluntarily – be able to return to their home country. At an official ceremony in the western Turkish city of Izmir, […]