An insider tip ?: Why it is difficult to start construction in winter

For a long time it was said: If you start building a house in winter, you can save. According to construction experts, this is no longer the case. However, there may be difficulties with the weather. The hibernation on the building site is largely a thing of the past. Construction companies now work all year […]

More CO2 emissions than India: concrete and cement fuel climate change

The need for concrete and cement is growing with increasing urbanization – especially in Africa and Asia. However, large amounts of CO2 are released during production, around one tonne of CO2 for every tonne of cement. That should change by 2050. Cement and concrete are of enormous importance for construction and infrastructure projects around the […]

Heat pumps most popular: half of all new buildings are heated using renewable sources

If new buildings are being built, the choice is increasingly being made for heating with renewable energy sources. In the residential buildings built last year, their share is over 50 percent for the first time. However, gas also still plays a major role. New buildings in Germany are increasingly being heated with renewable energies. These […]

Otherwise there is a threat of a subsidy freeze: New billions planned for renovations

Germany’s buildings are one of its largest CO2 emitters – and in 2020 the only area that will miss its climate targets. The subsidies for energetic renovations are in great demand and are even scarce. That is why billions are to be injected again shortly before the election. The federal government wants to improve climate […]