Gas storage at 70 percent: Confederation: Energy supply is secured

The Federal Government under Chancellor Merkel sees no urgent need for action in view of the rise in energy prices. National measures are a matter for the new government, said government spokesman Seibert. The supply of Germany is assured – but one is observing the situation “very closely”. The incumbent federal government currently sees no […]

Proposal from the SPD parliamentary group: Bärbel Bas should become President of the Bundestag

One of the highest-ranking offices in the Federal Republic is held by a woman: The SPD politician Bärbel Bas is to inherit CDU veteran Wolfgang Schäuble as President of the Bundestag. This means that the largest group in parliament is giving in to internal pressure. SPD parliamentary group vice-president Bärbel Bas is to become the […]

RTL / ntv trend barometer: Only for the FDP is there a slight upward trend

At the traffic light explorations, the Liberals, as the smallest of the three parties, can put their stamp on the exploratory paper. In the RTL / ntv trend barometer, things are going uphill for the FDP afterwards. The SPD remains at the level of success, the Union is in the deep. In the week after […]

High interest, hardly any motivation: election campaigns hardly appeal to young people

Young people hardly feel addressed by the federal election campaign – topics that are important to them hardly take place. Some of them have a political interest, but do not believe that the upcoming government will take care of their concerns. But there is a glimmer of hope. According to a study, politicians and parties […]

Mail goes to the wrong politician: Berlin swaps election winners for losers

It is one of many mishaps around the election in Berlin: Instead of the election winner Andreas Otto from the Greens, the city sends the confirmation of the mandate to his namesake from the FDP. The “wrong” Otto takes the confusion with humor – but sees the failure of office confirmed. The electoral chaos in […]

From now on there is silence again: Lindner declares debates over

Who would be the better finance minister, will there be a reform of the inheritance tax, will there be a climate ministry? The SPD, Greens and FDP have argued unusually openly in recent days. FDP boss Lindner makes it clear: This is over now. After a few days of unusually open and public debates, in […]

Liberals advise on traffic lights: Greens and FDP continue to squabble over finance

After the SPD and the Greens, the FDP is now deciding whether to enter into coalition negotiations with the other two parties. But a dispute between the possible traffic light partners is developing in advance. Both green politicians and liberals claim the powerful finance ministry. Three weeks after the federal election, the SPD, Greens and […]