Traffic light calls on Turkey to ‘respect international law’ — RT EN

22 Nov 2022 06:00 After Turkey launched an airstrike on Kurdish areas in northern Syria and Iraq on Sunday, Berlin called on Ankara to act “proportionately” while upholding international law. The reports of civilian casualties are “worrying”. In view of the massive air raids on Kurdish areas in northern Syria and Iraq, the German government […]

Ex-head of the Munich Security Conference calls for a war economy for Germany — RT DE

21 Nov 2022 10:46 p.m In an interview with Springer-Blatt Bild, the former head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, called for a “war economy” for Germany. He complained that almost no funds had flowed from the special fund of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr. The former head of the Munich Security Conference, […]

Massive disruption of all mobile networks throughout Germany – making calls almost impossible – RT DE

17 Nov 2022 5:42 pm According to various press reports, there is considerable disruption to almost all mobile phone networks throughout Germany. Only the Deutsche Telekom network should not be affected. According to press reports, thousands of users of the mobile phone providers Vodafone and O2 had massive difficulties making calls on Thursday afternoon sued. […]

EU Commission calls for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania to join the Schengen area — RT EN

16 Nov 2022 10:19 p.m The European Commission is calling for Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania to be integrated into the Schengen zone by abolishing internal EU border controls. Croatia has already been approved by the EU Parliament, but there could be dissenting votes in the case of Romania. Source: © Keith Binns The European […]

US MP calls for immediate end to aid to Ukraine — RT EN

16 Nov 2022 7:41 am US Congressman Thomas Massie said the US should end military and economic aid to Ukraine as soon as possible. Massie also wants the support that has already been granted to be legally reviewed. US Republican Rep. Thomas Massie has said the United States should immediately halt military and economic aid […]

Pardoned Ukrainian soldier calls for death of all Russians, including children, on TV — RT EN

14 Nov 2022 21:06 A Ukrainian woman returning from the war was allowed to spread her demand for the annihilation of all Russians on television without being contradicted. In Russia, the incident was registered as another example of the nazification of Ukraine. By Vladislav Sankin Ukrainian serviceman Olga Lokunova was captured but returned home some […]