Ukraine’s new ambassador calls for Russians to be banned from entering the country — RT EN

5 Nov 2022 4:53 p.m Alexey Makeyev has been Ukraine’s official ambassador to Germany since October 24. In a newspaper interview, he has now demanded that Germany ban Russians from entering the country. New arms shipments are also on the diplomat’s list of demands. In an interview for the newspapers of the Funke media group […]

Putin denies intention to use nuclear weapons – Biden calls dangerous rhetoric — RT DE

28 Oct 2022 11:44 am A nuclear strike in Ukraine makes neither political nor military sense, Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. Joe Biden expressed skepticism about these assurances: “If he has no intention of using these weapons, why does he keep talking about them?” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday at the Valdai international […]

Football Union of Ukraine calls for Russia’s ban from FIFA and UEFA — RT EN

26 Oct 2022 5:16 pm The Ukrainian Football Association is demanding that Russia be expelled from the world football association FIFA and from the European football association UEFA. The reason: Moscow wants to integrate football clubs from the four new regions and Crimea into the Russian leagues. Andrei Pavelko, president of the Football Union of […]

Chief of Staff Gerasimov calls British admiral and US general over ‘dirty bomb’ — RT EN

24 Oct 2022 22:24 Russia continues to discuss with Britain and the US the possible use of a “dirty bomb” by the Zelensky regime. Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov expresses his concerns to Tony Radakin and Mark Milley. Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov spoke by telephone with British Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Tony […]

Warning of Ukrainian ‘dirty bomb’ – Shoigu calls Western counterparts — RT DE

23 Oct 2022 18:41 On Sunday, Russia officially warned of an impending nuclear provocation in Ukraine. According to available information, which is considered reliable, Kyiv plans to detonate a low-power nuclear device on its territory in order to blame Russia. Russia has information that Ukraine is about to detonate a so-called “dirty bomb” — a […]

Ukrainian Prime Minister warns Europe of ‘migration tsunami’ and calls for more weapons — RT EN

22 Oct 2022 10:47 p.m Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal stated that his country is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. If western Ukraine does not provide air defense systems, Europe is threatened with a “migration tsunami,” said the politician. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmygal […]

Alternative for German capital? AfD calls for total control for recipients of citizenship income — RT DE

22 Oct 2022 20:22 By Susan Bonath Authoritarian corona measures, war propaganda and interference, hate speech and sanctions against Russians, endless arms deliveries, disastrous energy and impoverishment policies as well as media or even legal persecution of critics: Western imperialism on a course to conquer the market is spinning around. The AfD got caught up […]

Baerbock calls for European solidarity — RT EN

22 Oct 2022 12:22 pm In a speech at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum, Foreign Minister Baerbock pledged German solidarity to Eastern Europe and Ukraine. The confrontational course deepens the division of Europe. In addition, Baerbock warned of economic dependency with a view to China. Source: © Janine Schmitz The German Foreign Minister, Annalena […]