Campaign between the wars — RT EN

13 Apr 2022 10:08 am Israeli security officials are calling the campaign of airstrikes against Iranian positions in Syria a “war between wars”. According to them, this aims to deter Iran. But to what extent have Israeli airstrikes in Syria been successful in curbing the expansion of the Iranian military presence in Syria? Israel is […]

Israeli experts and professors condemn Trudeau’s ‘Nazi campaign’ against protesters — RT EN

19 Feb 2022 8:15 p.m Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described parts of the trucker protest campaign and conservative MPs as Nazi sympathizers. In an open letter, Israeli researchers and doctors express their horror and accuse Trudeau of intending to launch a smear campaign. A group of high-ranking Israeli researchers and medical professionals condemned Canadian […]

Iran’s alleged ‘disinformation campaign’ dividing Israeli society exposed — RT EN

8 Feb 2022 8:11 pm An alleged Iranian disinformation campaign is said to have operated a sophisticated network on Facebook targeting ultra-religious Jews in Israel in order to “foment” divisions in society there. The last Gaza war in May 2021 took a new turn after tensions between Jewish and Arab Israelis in Israeli cities increased. […]