Central African Republic bets on bitcoin, vows to break away from France — RT DE

While the West is increasingly working towards controlling anonymous cryptocurrencies, more and more emerging and developing countries are relying on Bitcoin and Co. to make themselves less dependent on the US dollar or euro. Now, like El Salvador, the Central African Republic is following suit, giving the French economic system a “big middle finger”. In […]

Russia seeks good neighborly relations with Central Asian countries — RT EN

According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia strives for good-neighborly and constructive relations with all states, but above all with its neighbors in Central Asia. He sees the dynamics of trade and economic relations with these countries as positive. In his article For the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of […]

Putin to discuss ruble payments for gas with Central Bank and Gazprom — RT EN

31 mar 2022 11:06 am Russia’s announcement that in future gas would only be supplied in exchange for payments in rubles has triggered rejection and concerns about possible bottlenecks in the West. Now President Vladimir Putin wants to discuss and announce specific steps with Gazprom and the central bank. A week ago, Russian President Vladimir […]

German authorities investigate Lebanon’s central bank governor Riyadh Salameh for money laundering — RT DE

29 Mar 2022 2:46 p.m Investigations are underway in Germany against the head of Lebanon’s central bank. The suspicion is money laundering. Riad Salameh, who has held the post for around 30 years, firmly rejects the allegations. The main investigations were directed against five suspects. Credit: AFP © AFP PHOTO / HO / DALATI AND […]

Central Bank of Honduras explores options to issue its own digital currency — RT EN

24 mar 2022 8:42 p.m More and more governments around the world are becoming aware of cryptocurrencies. Some states are skeptical about them, while others are exploring ways to launch their own digital currencies. The central bank of the Republic of Honduras is now following this path. On March 23, the Central Bank of the […]