Interior Minister Faeser wants to change disciplinary laws and “reverse the burden of proof” — RT DE

9 Dec 2022 3:28 pm After the “Reichsbürger” raid, Faeser confirmed her announcements of planned far-reaching changes in the law. In order to be able to “get rid of enemies of the constitution more quickly”, the accused – not the state – will soon have to present the necessary evidence of innocence themselves. Recent statements […]

"Reich citizen raid" before planned system change? Curtain up and action!

By Bernhard Loyen December 7, 2022 is developing into a remarkable day in terms of events in eleven federal states of Germany as well as in Austria (Kitzbühel) and Italy (Perugia). The Federal Public Prosecutor at the Court of Justice informed in a Messageregarding official activities in Germany: “Arrest of 25 suspected members and supporters […]

Live ticker Ukraine war – Ukrainians launch petition to change Russia’s name to Moscow — RT EN

Nebensja reports to the UN Security Council: US-made anti-aircraft missiles hit residential buildings The West’s weaponization of Ukraine is killing civilians not only in Donbass but also in Ukrainian cities, Vasily Nebensia, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, told a UN Security Council session. He referred to images of debris from US anti-aircraft missiles […]

Nothing will change that without negotiations — RT EN

17 Nov 2022 10:43 p.m The massive Russian airstrikes on the Ukrainian infrastructure on November 15 caused damage that could take months to be repaired. Apparently, the air defense systems supplied by the western side were of little use. The situation remains “difficult” not only in Kyiv. New tones in Western reporting: after months of […]

Klingbeil heralds radical change of course towards Russia – Merkel urges prudence — RT DE

19 Oct 2022 18:03 SPD leader Lars Klingbeil has committed his party to a radical change of course in Russia policy. The principle that there can only be security with Russia has become obsolete. Former Chancellor Angela Merkel, meanwhile, urges prudence. In the long term, work must be done on a pan-European security architecture – […]