Iranian chief of staff blames US for terrorist attack in Afghanistan — RT EN

Apr 25, 2022 10:51 p.m A top Iranian general pointed the finger at Washington after a bloody terrorist attack in Iran’s neighboring Afghanistan. The terrorist networks responsible for the recent attacks are pursuing the “evil strategy” of the US. Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Baqeri has said that the series […]

PM Khan announces early elections – army chief wants closer ties to US — RT EN

3 Apr 2022 2:19 p.m Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announces early elections. A vote of no confidence against him was unexpectedly rejected as unconstitutional. While the opposition protested against it, Pakistan’s army chief, General Bajwa, called for closer ties with the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan surprisingly announced early elections. Earlier on […]

Ukraine crisis not correctly foreseen: French spy chief fired

The French government has decided to replace the head of the military intelligence service (DRM), national media reported on Wednesday, citing sources. General Eric Vidaud was sacked just seven months after taking office for allegedly being caught off guard by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Vidaud was appointed head of military intelligence last summer. He had […]

Ukrainian medical chief orders castration of Russian prisoners — RT EN

21 mar 2022 11:04 am A new hate crime on Ukrainian television: the founder of the Ukrainian service for mobile (military) hospitals called Russian prisoners of war “cockroaches” and promised to castrate them. He said this during a live broadcast on the Ukraine 24 channel. The Ukrainian anti-government journalist and politician Anatoly Shari did in […]

Roskosmos chief Rogozin recalls Biden’s proposal to bomb Belgrade — RT EN

18 mar 2022 8:06 am Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has released video of Biden’s speech on the Belgrade bombing after Biden called the Russian president a war criminal. The Kremlin found today’s US President’s statements unacceptable. US President Joe Biden suggested bombing Belgrade in 1999. This was recalled by the head of the Russian space […]

Former Russian vice prime minister speaks out against Ukraine war – criticism from Roskosmos chief — RT EN

16 mar 2022 9:00 p.m Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich has spoken out against the war in Ukraine and denounced the futility of sanctions against Russia. Roskosmos boss Rogozin criticized him for this attitude and for making Russia “dependent” on Boeing and Airbus. Arkady Dvorkovich, chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, head of the International […]