Again "Man of the year": "playboy" honors Christian Drosten

For the second time in a row, Christian Drosten can look forward to the title of “Man of the Year”. The readers of “Playboy” magazine particularly like him. Another not so well received, on the other hand, who has been talking about conspiracy myths since the beginning of the pandemic. Title defense for Christian Drosten: […]

Omikron in Germany: "There could be a few hundred cases"

On Thursday, the general public learned for the first time about the new Corona variant, which is apparently mainly circulating in South Africa. Shortly afterwards it is clear that it has already reached Germany. Experts say they may have brought them in for a while when they are returning from their travels. How much is […]

Moderna boss on the Omikron variant: "Vaccination effectiveness will decrease considerably"

Do the corona vaccines also work against the omicron mutant? This question is not only keeping the experts in suspense. Now the Moderna boss has commented on it and does not sound particularly optimistic. The head of the US biotech group Moderna, Stephane Bancel, assumes that existing corona vaccines will be less effective against the […]

No need to panic: Kekulé and Drosten von Omikron think so

The new Omikron variant is developing rapidly in southern Africa. After the Berlin virologist Drosten, his Halle colleague Kekulé also warns against panicking. In the ntv interview, he explains why – and draws a comparison to league football. The Halle-based virologist Alexander Kekulé is not yet convinced that the new omicron variant of the coronavirus […]

Also for vaccinated and convalescent people: Leopoldina insists on strict contact restrictions

In view of the Corona numbers, the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina is calling for new measures in the coming week: In the catering trade, but also in the private sector, contacts should be limited. In their appeal, the scientists also recommend compulsory vaccination. The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina recommends immediate comprehensive contact restrictions […]

Experts fear vaccination resistance: That’s what Drosten says about the new Corona variant

Risk of infection, disease progression, vaccination resistance – all of these effects of the new Corona variant have not yet been researched. That is why the virologist Drosten does not want to jump to conclusions. However, he continues to assume that there is good vaccination protection against severe courses. According to the Berlin virologist Christian […]