CIA director Burns meets with Zelensky — RT DE

16 Nov 2022 4:40 p.m CIA chief William Burns met with the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence service in Ankara on Monday. Burns then traveled to Kyiv to meet Vladimir Zelensky. According to US information, Ankara was about conveying a message about the consequences of a Russian use of nuclear weapons. Source: AFP © © […]

Former CIA chief Petraeus does not rule out US involvement in Ukraine conflict — RT EN

23 Oct 2022 2:23 p.m Western countries could intervene in the conflict not as a NATO army but as a US-led multinational force, said former CIA chief David Petraeus. This is possible if Russia does something “shocking and terrible” in Ukraine. The United States could intervene in the armed conflict in Ukraine if Russia takes […]

Destroy Russia on behalf of the CIA? — RT DE

18 Aug 2022 5:20 p.m Since 2014, the US has been massively arming Ukraine, providing it with weapons, intelligence information, advisers, instructors and loans. However, the support does not stop there: there are indications that the US state authorities are also supplying a very specific “good” to fight their proxy war against Russia. An analysis […]

Did the CIA really kill the Al Qaeda boss on its own? A search for clues to the masterminds — RT DE

7 Aug 2022 09:01 am An analysis by Désirée Lambert About a year after the official withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the US foreign intelligence agency CIA, according to US President Joe Biden, succeeded in finding the successor who was jointly responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001 as part of an anti-terrorist […]

US alarmed by Putin visit to Tehran – CIA warns Iran of ‘Russia dependency’ — RT EN

After the Iranian head of state Khamenei argued in a personal meeting with Putin in favor of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the US foreign intelligence service is alarmed. The CIA chief gives the Iranians advice. He warns them against “Russia dependency” – without explaining what he understands by dependency. Putin visited Tehran on […]