Ukrainian artillery shelled civilians in Donbass – no outcry from the West — RT DE

With the renewed Ukrainian attack on civilian targets, the government in Kyiv is showing its true face with the artillery terror in which houses, schools and clinics are being shelled. The “civilized world” shows little sympathy for the fate of the victims. By Daniil Bessonow On June 13, Ukrainian forces launched massive attacks on Donetsk […]

Inconsistencies in CNN report on alleged killing of two civilians by Russian soldiers — RT DE

by Vladislav Sankin “This is a prime example of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, a prime example that the world has not yet seen” – the US broadcaster CNN reports its sensation in a May 12 broadcast video report. The broadcaster received surveillance video that is being investigated as a war crime by Ukrainian prosecutors, […]

“When does an escape corridor open?” Azov regiment presents civilians in “Azov Steel” bunker — RT EN

24 Apr 2022 9:51 pm In a video, the nationalist Azov regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces showed several dozen civilians in a safe bomb shelter of the surrounded “Azov-Stahl” metallurgical plant. They talked to the camera as if there were no evacuation options for them. On Saturday, the YouTube channel “Azov-Media” posted a 10-minute […]

Humanitarian corridors and aid to refugees – over 143,000 civilians evacuated from Mariupol — RT EN

Apr 22, 2022 10:07 p.m 143,631 locals and 341 foreigners, as well as 1,844 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were evacuated from Mariupol, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the Coordinating Center for Humanitarian Aid of the Russian Federation, said on Friday. Although the imposition of “rest periods” in Mariupol is slowing the advance of […]

Founder of Nazi regiment “Azov” threatens massacre of civilians in Mariupol — RT EN

Apr 22, 2022 9:35 p.m The Ukrainian TV channel NTA broadcast Azov founder Andrei Biletsky on Thursday: He threatened a massacre with battlefield missiles if residents of Mariupol took part in the “Immortal Regiment” operation on Victory Day, May 9. Statistically speaking, war crimes are inevitable where war is raging – whether committed by “black […]

“Had orders to shoot civilians” — RT DE

11 Apr 2022 11:30 am The press service of the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic published a video on Sunday showing three defectors from the ranks of the Ukrainian National Guard. They report on criminal orders from their superiors to shoot at civilians and take part in shootings. Three soldiers of the Ukrainian […]