Glacier disappeared by 2040 ?: Meteorologist: Climate change hits Africa hardest

The changes caused by climate change can be seen worldwide, but according to experts, they hit the African continent particularly hard. Droughts and pests cause harvests to collapse and hunger crises. This has a direct impact on Europe when people have to leave their homes. With rising temperatures, more extreme weather conditions and changed rainfall, […]

At the traffic light coalition: Lindner announces a new climate ministry

A department that is specifically dedicated to climate protection is to be found. The Greens have been insisting on this for a long time. It should become a reality when it comes to a red-green-yellow alliance. At least that’s what FDP boss Lindner says. Has it already given some initial indications as to the possible […]

Expressiveness "restricted": Report: Germany could miss climate targets

Following the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, the government is tightening the Climate Protection Act. But a new report by the Ministry of the Environment shows that Germany would miss these goals with the existing measures. However, there are some gaps in the projection. The “Projection Report 2021” on the expected climate protection progress […]

the "Sharpest teeth" drawn: contortions in climate protection under the traffic light

It is probably the greatest challenge facing the future federal government: climate protection. At the same time, the Greens and the FDP traditionally rely on different means. The exploratory paper shows the willingness to work together. However, environmental experts are critical of the compromises. Of the many challenges facing a red-green-yellow alliance, climate protection is […]

Forest fires in the climate laboratory: "Enter a new era of the Age of Fire"

Siberia, Italy, Greece, Albania, Spain, Turkey and of course California – it burned everywhere this summer. “The balance between nature and fire is changing,” says Johann Goldammer from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry. In California, for example, it used to burn between May, September and October, and it was quiet in the winter months. […]

Depth psychological study: majority sees Germany on the verge of decline

“We are experiencing a turning point,” says Stephan Grünewald, founder of the Rheingold Institute in Cologne and an expert in depth psychological research. In one study, most people assume that drastic changes are in store for them. But their reaction is very different. According to a study, two thirds of Germans are anxious about the […]