no restrictions, no control — RT DE

13 Sep 2022 6:46 p.m In the meantime, even the delivery of modern battle tanks to Ukraine is being discussed. And many believe that Russia would put up with that too. Even the delivery of the self-propelled howitzers is still a delicate matter. There are now new documents for this. by Dagmar Henn The reflection […]

Fire difficult to control — RT DE

4 Aug 2022 2:06 pm After several detonations at the Berlin police blast site since the early hours of the morning, a 1.5-hectare fire broke out in Grunewald. Fire brigade and army forces are on duty. The Avus and the S-Bahn line between Berlin and Potsdam were closed. Source: © Kay Nietfield As a […]

“The human body as an investment field for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and the control industry” — RT DE

The publicist Hannes Hofbauer explains how in the 4th revolution it was no longer the work processes that were to be changed, but the people – as a result of a system-immanent logic of exploitation of capital. Lacking the ability to analyze, many leftists follow government measures that lead to the profits of the leading […]

Problems with German air traffic control further restrict air traffic in Europe – RT DE

The chaos at German airports continues. In the morning, a software problem at German air traffic control led to further problems with intra-European air traffic. Meanwhile, the blame for the currently catastrophic conditions in aviation continues. Passengers suspect intention behind it. A software problem in a control center of Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) led to far-reaching […]

US obstructing Biological Weapons Convention control procedures since 2001 — RT EN

Washington is launching an information campaign to justify its military-biological activity in the post-Soviet space, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Russia, on the other hand, calls on the USA to comply with the obligations under the biological weapons agreement. Washington’s assurances that the work of US biolaboratories in Ukraine is exclusively peaceful […]