India halts mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and slams WHO methodology on coronavirus deaths — RT EN

The Supreme Court of India states that no citizen should be forced to be vaccinated. The WHO names around ten times as many deaths in India as the official Indian corona statistics. A protest note from India formulates intensified criticism of the methodology of the WHO. The Supreme Court in India declared in a May […]

US-funded labs in Ukraine experimented with coronavirus — RT DE

10 mar 2022 10:45 p.m Russia claims that US-funded biolabs in Ukraine also worked with bat coronaviruses. The Russian Defense Ministry cites documents it says it has looted from the facilities, while the US denies developing bioweapons. Experiments on the bat coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens were being conducted at the US-funded laboratories in Ukraine […]

Government used ‘unethical’ scaremongering to enforce coronavirus measures — RT DE

6 Feb 2022 7:25 am In Great Britain, psychologists criticize that the British government has used “unethical” scaremongering to enforce the corona measures. These tactics were similar to those used in “totalitarian regimes”. MPs now want to investigate the behavior of the responsible officials. In order to justify the drastic government measures at the beginning […]