Electricity and gas supply: when the provider stops delivering

There is currently a lot of movement in the energy market. The prices for electricity and gas have risen in many places. What rights do consumers have if energy providers suddenly threaten to stop deliveries? If an energy provider threatens to cease deliveries or go bankrupt, there is nothing to worry about. In such cases, […]

Cleaning with a product test: vacuum and floor mopping robots – three are "Well"

For those who do not enjoy cleaning up the household, vacuum and floor mopping robots can provide relief. But not all of them do a good job. But at least three devices reliably remove crumbs and dust. Vacuum and floor mopping robots should clean and vacuum the floor while you can indulge yourself. That sounds […]

BGH judgment on divorce: Ex-partner is free to choose pension insurance

After the end of a marriage, there are often arguments about money. A ruling by the Federal Court of Justice now shows that whoever pays maintenance cannot automatically determine how the money will be used. Those who receive pension maintenance from their ex-partner must invest the amounts received accordingly, but according to a ruling by […]