Energy bottleneck in Germany worse than in a war country? Ukraine must export electricity — RT EN

The voluntary renunciation of conventional power plants as part of the energy transition in Germany and the failure of almost half of all nuclear reactors in France are currently not only causing exorbitantly high energy prices, but also a critical energy bottleneck in Germany. In view of the threatening blackouts in Central Europe, the war-torn […]

Honor brand halts shipments to Russia and seeks new ways of distribution in the country — RT US

The Chinese technology manufacturer Honor has suspended its deliveries to Russia to mitigate possible sanction risks. According to media reports, the company is now looking for ways to return to the Russian market via sales partners in the CIS. Although the Chinese brand Honor has not yet made any official statements about its exit from […]

“Lured into the country with propaganda” – US mercenaries describe their Ukrainian “war adventure” to RT — RT EN

In an RT talk, two US mercenaries captured in Ukraine accuse the Ukrainian military of disorganization and incompetence. They explain their motivation for fighting for Ukraine by the effect of Western propaganda, which “addresses” veterans like them. Two US mercenaries working for the Ukrainian army were captured by Russian forces in the Kharkov region in […]

What is behind Nicaragua’s approval of the Russian military presence in the country? — RT DE

An analysis by Alexander Karpov and Aliona Medvedeva The decree on the temporary presence of foreign military personnel in Nicaragua, including Russian ones, is not a sensation, said Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova. Russia is openly working together with Nicaragua in the field of defense and countering new challenges, the diplomat stressed. Earlier, Nicaraguan […]

Romania calls for increased NATO contingent in country ‘in the long run’ — RT EN

Romanian foreign minister has said NATO should increase its contingent in the country and extend its stay. This will help confirm “the strategic importance” of the Black Sea region. The NATO bloc already has 5,000 soldiers in the country. Romania would like to increase the number of NATO troops on its territory and extend their […]

Nicaragua’s president approves Russian military presence in country — RT EN

Nicaraguan President José Daniel Ortega has authorized the temporary presence of Russian military personnel for humanitarian purposes. Military from the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are also said to come to the country. Nicaraguan President José Daniel Ortega has authorized the entry of Russian troops, ships and planes […]