Russian intelligence releases files on Latvian Nazi criminals — RT EN

Mass murders of European Jews and a “blood factory” for the German army in the Salaspils concentration camp: Russia’s security service publishes historical secret files on Latvian Nazi collaborators in World War II. As reported by the TASS news agency on June 20, the organization has the Federal Service for Security of Russia (FSB) on […]

Western arms shipments to Ukraine could fall into the hands of criminals — RT EN

In addition to Europol, Stockholm is now also concerned that weapons from Ukraine could reach Sweden. This could further aggravate the situation with criminal gangs in the country. Politicians recall the experiences after the Balkan wars. Swedish police have expressed fears that weapons shipped to Ukraine from the West could find their way to the […]

Instead of exchanging Nazi criminals, they bring them to justice — RT DE

Ukrainian Nazis should not be exchanged for Russian prisoners, according to Duma spokesman Volodin. Instead, captured criminals should be brought to justice. Yesterday some of the fighters from the Azov Steelworks surrendered. Captured Azov Nazi criminals should not be exchanged, but their fate should be decided by a court. This was announced by the speaker […]