Experts warn of new trends in Eurasia over Ukraine crisis — RT DE

According to experts, the current geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West will inevitably affect regional processes in Eurasia. The strategies of the leading players will change, with Beijing and Moscow’s interests aligned. What the crisis in Ukraine means for Eurasia A major geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West over the Russian special operation […]

On the causes of the global food crisis — RT EN

by Murat Gazdiev According to Maxim Orshkin, the Russian President’s deputy, both the busy money-printing industry in the US and the European Union’s hasty move away from traditional energy sources over the past two years have led to sharp increases in the price of food and commodities. In addition, the new Western sanctions against Russia […]

Europe – heading towards self-imposed hunger crisis like the perpetually satiated — RT DE

By Anastassia Popowa Thanks to the special military operation in Ukraine, not only did ordinary Russians Ivan and Olga (who are largely disinterested in such topics, as they are everywhere in the world in normal times), but people all over the world learned: Russia is not just the proverbial gas station, but also Supplier of […]

Muslim nationalists want to benefit from Ukraine crisis — RT EN

A state crisis has been brewing in Bosnia-Herzegovina for several months. The Serbian side accuses the Bosnian-Muslim side of wanting to force unilateral decisions and thus undermine the Dayton Agreement. The Serbian-Bosnian member of the State Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Milorad Dodik stated in Banjaluka that the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, which ended the civil war […]