Too much culture? Nature lovers practice “Cancel Culture” – but left song summer takes place — RT DE

The practice of canceling rooms, performances and events that have long been promised at short notice has been spreading for years. Sometimes reasons are given, sometimes not. The cancellations often come from public authorities. Now the “nature lovers” have probably found it to their liking. The positive news first: The “Linke Liedersommer” will take place […]

Russia is not campaigning against Ukrainian culture — RT EN

Russia has no intention of destroying Ukrainian culture, unlike Western countries, said the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Arms supplies to Ukraine do not contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage in that country, she stressed. The allegations made by Brussels officials against Russia of deliberate destruction of Ukrainian culture are incomprehensible, Russian Foreign […]

Cultural exchange with Russia remains alive – Despite sanctions and cancel culture — RT DE

Russian culture falls victim to Ukraine conflict. Several countries are banning works by Russian artists. Even classics like Dostoyevsky have been sucked into the “cancel culture”. However, the impression that the Russian cultural sphere is isolated is deceptive. After weeks of apprehension, exhibits that have been stranded abroad since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict […]

Culture scene mobilizes in Berlin for Ukraine — RT DE

20 mar 2022 3:19 p.m Cultural workers in Berlin are holding an event in solidarity with Ukraine entitled “Sound of Peace”. Numerous participants are expected, well-known musicians will perform their songs at the “musical rally”. Source: © IMAGO/Daniel Lakomski With a large solidarity rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate, cultural workers demonstrated their […]