Traffic stop in Ohio ends in death — RT EN

In Akron, Ohio, USA, a 25-year-old black man was killed by gunfire as part of a traffic stop and subsequent chase. The eight officers involved have been suspended for the time being. According to the first findings, released at a press conference by local authorities in the city of Akron, Ohio, officers tried to stop […]

Washington expresses ‘concern’ over threat of death penalty for US mercenaries — RT EN

Washington is concerned that two US mercenaries captured in Ukraine could face the death penalty. This was announced by a spokesman for the US National Security Council. The fact that Kremlin spokesman Peskov had hinted at such a possibility was “appalling”. The White House was shocked by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s suggestion that US mercenaries […]

Australian researcher points to enzyme as cause of sudden infant death syndrome — RT EN

It’s a nightmare vision for every parent: healthy babies suddenly dying in their sleep. Until now, one could only speculate about the causes of the so-called sudden infant death. An Australian researcher has now come a big step closer to enlightenment. One of the biggest fears for parents is cot death – the unexpected and […]

Recording of conversation raises questions over death of pro-Russian ex-Rada MP in Bucha — RT EN

13 Apr 2022 09:19 am Another detail has emerged in the case of the Ukrainian Bucha: a former member of parliament who lived there was probably murdered – which the Ukrainian side recently blamed on the Russian troops. New recordings of conversations are a strong indication against it. At the beginning of April, the small […]

It’s the death knell for the dollar — RT DE

12 mar 2022 10:29 p.m Many know it, but few say it: The sanctions imposed on Russia could mean the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency. At least that’s how Andy Schectman, who owns a large US precious metals trading company, sees it. The owner of a large precious metals trade in […]