Azov Nazis at Mariupol Steel Plant accuse Kyiv of failing to prepare defenses of Mariupol — RT DE

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced at a press conference after meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 8 that Mariupol cannot yet be “liberated” by military means as Ukraine lacks heavy weapons: “It is impossible to lift the blockade of Mariupol militarily. That is impossible today. These are not just thoughts – these […]

Spain sends warship to Black Sea to ‘strengthen Ukrainian defenses’ — RT EN

21 Jan 2022 1:16 pm The Spanish government confirmed the dispatch of a warship to the Black Sea. Madrid said it was prepared to send more ships if talks with Russia failed and the Russian military took action against Ukraine. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s centre-left cabinet confirmed the deployment of the warship on Wednesday. […]