National Endowment for Democracy is “second CIA” — RT EN

The Chinese government released a comprehensive documentary on the US Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy. China accuses the “NED” foundation of being responsible for numerous subversive activities. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) the “second CIA” at a press conference on Monday, the Chinese news agency Xinhua […]

“AfD and Putin want to unhinge our democracy” — RT DE

Is the AfD “accomplice of a war criminal”? At least that’s what the Green MP Hofreiter thinks. The AfD deputies valued Putin because, like them, he was autocratic, homophobic and misogynistic. Hofreiter received support from an FDP deputy. According to Anton Hofreiter, the chairman of the European Committee in the Bundestag, the AfD’s position on […]

Zelensky, a “fighter for freedom and democracy” – at Tegernsee — RT DE

Apr 21, 2022 6:07 p.m Vladimir Zelensky receives this year’s “Freedom Prize of the Media”. The Weimer Media Group credits him with “merits” as a pioneer “for freedom and democracy”. The Belarusian opposition activist Svetlana Tichanovskaya and the former Russian TV journalist Marina Ovsyannikova also received the prize. The “Freedom Prize of the Media” award […]

The Economist study ranks France as a ‘failed democracy’ for the second year running — RT DE

11 Feb 2022 11:19 am The British newspaper “The Economist” notes another setback for democracy and freedom in the world, mainly due to the government measures in response to the Corona crisis. France is even classified as a “failed democracy”. According to a study by British newspaper The Economist published on February 10, less than […]

Canberra accuses China of ‘interfering with Australia’s democracy’ — RT EN

24 Jan 2022 09:43 am The head of Australia’s parliamentary intelligence committee has accused China of interfering in the country’s democracy. Beijing has blocked the Australian Prime Minister’s access to his WeChat account. James Paterson, the senator from the Australian state of Victoria and chairman of Australia’s Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security, accuses Beijing […]