Federal government plans to end the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Mali in 2024 — RT DE

23 Nov 2022 06:15 am France has already withdrawn its soldiers from Mali. On Tuesday, after a tug-of-war between Defense Minister Lambrecht (SPD) and the Green Foreign Minister Baerbock, who wanted to continue the operation, the federal government decided to withdraw until May 2024. According to the Federal Government, what is currently the Bundeswehr’s largest […]

German police union opposes deployment of Bundeswehr inside — RT DE

25 Sep 2022 07:21 am In Germany, the boundaries between internal and external security are becoming increasingly blurred. For example, it is being discussed more and more frequently that the Bundeswehr should be consulted in the event of any domestic problems. The German police union has therefore now warned against a militarization of internal security […]

Bundeswehr sets up “homeland security regiments” for domestic deployment — RT DE

8 Aug 2022 8:22 pm In view of the many geopolitical crises, the federal government is expanding the domestic command of the Bundeswehr. Five homeland security companies are formed. In the future, the reservists will not only support the soldiers in the event of natural disasters, but also in the event of uprisings – and […]

Pakistani government authorizes army deployment against ex-PM Imran Khan’s protest march — RT EN

In the face of a protest march led by former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government in Islamabad has decided to deploy the army to provide security. The protesters are demanding new elections and giving the government six days. On Thursday morning, the Pakistani government decided to deploy the army in the capital Islamabad’s […]

Latvia’s president calls for permanent US troop deployment — RT EN

14 mar 2022 09:31 am Latvia’s leadership has called for US troops to be stationed permanently in the Baltics. This measure would prevent Russia from “aggression beyond Ukraine,” according to Latvian President Levits. In view of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Latvian President Egils Levits has called for a “permanent presence” of US troops in […]

Venezuela allows deployment — RT EN

3 Feb 2022 09:18 am Iran has begun to increase its presence in Venezuela, according to a report by Israel’s defense regulator Alma Center. The stationing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) there within range of North America is intended to help deter the United States. Iran is said to have started sending drones and producing […]