Deutsche Bank brings numerous IT professionals from Russia to Germany — RT DE

Deutsche Bank has brought hundreds of IT specialists from Russia to Germany, reports the Financial Times. Their relatives and pets were also allowed to ride. A total of around 2,000 people are said to have relocated. According to a report in the Financial Times, Deutsche Bank has brought several hundred highly qualified workers from Russia […]

Maintenance “criminal neglected” – Deutsche Bahn announces general renovation from 2024 – RT DE

Deutsche Bahn announces a radical general overhaul of heavily used sections of line. At the same time, passengers have to be prepared for painful closures and diversions. The railway and transport union even speaks of a “valley of tears” for everyone involved. Deutsche Bahn wants to turn the “overburdened infrastructure into a high-performance network,” said […]

Deutsche Bank freezes correspondent accounts of some major Russian banks — RT DE

Deutsche Bank is said to have stopped working with a number of major Russian banks and closed their correspondent accounts in euros, business daily RBK reports. It is unclear which financial institutions are involved. RBK cites two sources in the financial market in its Wednesday report. Accordingly, Deutsche Bank severed ties with a number of […]

Deutsche Welle director wants to set up the station as an “anti-Putin channel” – what does Olaf Scholz say about it? — RT DE

5 Feb 2022 18:09 Olaf Scholz and the Federal Foreign Office have no justification for the unequal treatment of RT DE. The Chancellor also does not assess the use of the station as a weapon against Russia, as announced by the director of Deutsche Welle. That was the result of the federal press conference. In […]