Israeli PM threatens Lebanon with direct confrontation — RT EN

The Israeli prime minister has threatened to “curb” Hezbollah if the Shia movement does not stop attacks on Israel’s natural gas fields in the Mediterranean. Faced with Hezbollah’s increasing military strength, the Israeli army is intensifying drills in preparation for a possible war with Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid said Tuesday that threatenedto “curb” […]

“A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia would be World War III” — RT DE

11 mar 2022 10:48 p.m In addition to imposing extensive economic sanctions on Russia, US President Biden emphasized that “Putin’s war against Ukraine” will “never be a victory”. Nevertheless, he wanted to prevent a Third World War at all costs. US President Joe Biden today announced another round of sanctions against Russia, which would be […]

Iran open to direct nuclear talks with US — RT EN

26 Jan 2022 12:59 pm Richard Nephew, a senior adviser to the US Special Representative for Iran, left the US delegation in Vienna. The former second-ranking official on the US negotiating team was the architect of tough economic sanctions against Iran. At the same time, Tehran has signaled its readiness for direct nuclear negotiations with […]