Ministry of Defense creates new structures for domestic deployments of the Bundeswehr — RT DE

Will we see the Bundeswehr fighting terrorism or insurgency domestically in the future? Apparently, according to the plans of the Ministry of Defence, yes. Because from October, a new Bundeswehr unit is to coordinate internal operations. What does that mean? The internal deployment of the Bundeswehr is associated with high hurdles. So far, the tasks […]

Russia’s domestic tourism hits pre-pandemic levels this year — RT DE

According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Chernyschenko, Russia will already reach the pre-pandemic level in domestic tourism this year. On the agenda of the domestic travel industry is, among other things, the image cultivation of domestic tourism. The pre-pandemic level in domestic tourism will be reached by the end of 2022, Russian Deputy Prime Minister […]

Steps to Stabilize Domestic Economy — RT DE

19 Mar 2022 2:28 p.m The start of the military operation in Ukraine has drawn the ire of the US and its allies. These imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia to destabilize the country’s economy and persuade Moscow to end the conflict. Sanctions targeting the financial system, energy exports and foreign exchange reserves are among the […]

India to boost trade with Russia in domestic currencies — RT DE

15 mar 2022 6:00 p.m Russia and India are reportedly working to set up a rupee-ruble trading mechanism. This is intended to boost trade in national currencies between countries and circumvent western sanctions. India, the world’s third largest oil consumer, is considering buying Russian crude and other commodities at discounted prices in domestic currency. This […]

Kremlin to use oil and gas money to calm domestic stock market — RT EN

3 mar 2022 8:10 am Russia’s Ministry of Finance is proposing to additionally support the economy with revenues from oil and gas in 2022. Investments from the National Prosperity Fund in shares of domestic companies are intended to stabilize the situation on Russia’s stock market. The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes additional special requirements for […]