Ex-chief of staff reveals scandal: Trump withheld positive test before Biden debate

Officially, Donald Trump will test positive for Corona for the first time at the beginning of October 2020 and then be treated in the hospital. His then chief of staff has now revealed that the then US president had previously tested positive – but the White House kept it quiet. The then US President Donald […]

U-Committee on the Capitol Storm: Trump’s ex-chief of staff ready to testify

A committee of inquiry wants to investigate the background to the storming of the US Capitol in Washington. The then Chief of Staff of Trump should also make statements. After an initial refusal, Mark Meadows now agrees to appear before the panel. Will he unpack against his old boss? Former US President Donald Trump’s chief […]

Trump’s photo should not be missing: the White House presents sumptuous decorations

Between all the crises, there must still be room for a Christmas mood. This year’s White House Christmas decorations are not lacking in pomp and abundance. Between fir trees and garlands there is also a familiar face: the photo of an ex-president adorns the tree. It’s Christmas time in the White House: This year’s Christmas […]

Nuclear talks are pending in Vienna: the USA and Iran create a threatening backdrop

Five months after the last talks, high-ranking diplomats meet in Vienna to mediate between representatives of Tehran and Washington. Their goal: to save the Iranian nuclear deal. However, that should be extremely difficult. The fronts are hardened. With a large portion of suspicion and tension, diplomats are making a fresh attempt to save the Iranian […]

Violent assault on US Capitol: Telephones strain Trump’s family and environment

On January 6, demonstrators violently entered the US Congress. Is there anyone in politics who pulled the strings, possibly even Trump himself? According to several sources, there is a direct line to Trump’s son Eric and the White House chief of staff. Trump’s environment and family were apparently in contact with the organizers of the […]

Donors meeting in Mar-a-Lago: Biden wants to run, Trump would win

US President Biden wants to run for a second term. His predecessor Trump is already diligently preparing for 2024. One of his advisors says that he “absolutely wants a revenge.” Trump currently has excellent prospects of success. What could a re-election campaign look like? “He can hardly do his job at the moment!”, It said […]