Virologist Drosten calls the police and ends vacation early — RT DE

The government adviser and chief virologist at the Berlin Charité Christian Drosten left a campsite prematurely due to verbal hostility. After an argument with permanent campers, he called the police and filed a complaint for insult and defamation. A camping stay south of the Müritz in the Mecklenburg Lake District, which was originally planned for […]

Virologist Klaus Stöhr replaces Christian Drosten — RT DE

by Bernhard Loyen According to the applicable Infection Protection Act (IfSG), the federal government must deliver evaluation results on the effects and the effectiveness of the politically prescribed corona measures by the end of June via a specially convened council of experts. At the end of April, the panel’s previous media figurehead, Charité chief virologist […]

Virologist Drosten leaves expert panel for corona evaluation — RT DE

Apr 29, 2022 1:24 p.m The chief virologist at the Berlin Charité, Christian Drosten, has announced his departure from a commission that is supposed to make a scientific assessment of the state corona restrictions in Germany. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach regrets it. The Bundestag had stipulated in the Infection Protection Act that there should […]

Partial success for Drosten — RT DE

17 mar 2022 06:30 am The physicist Roland Wiesendanger claimed in an interview that the virologist Christian Drosten had “deliberately deceived” the public. The Hamburg district court now prohibited this statement. However, it considers other statements to be permissible. In an interview with the magazine Cicero, the Hamburg physicist Roland Wiesendanger claimed that the Charité […]

Wuhan-Causa a “coordinated conspiracy” – Wiesendanger takes action against Drosten again — RT DE

10 Feb 2022 6:49 p.m The Hamburg experimental physicist Roland Wiesendanger raises serious allegations against the prominent virologist Christian Drosten. This is part of a cover-up campaign to hide the artificial origin of the corona virus. Drosten denied. Now Wiesendanger is following suit. What the Hamburg nanoscientist Prof. Dr. Roland Wiesendanger accuses the prominent virologist […]