US announces easing of sanctions on Cuba – Cubans remain skeptical — RT EN

During his election campaign, President Biden promised to improve relations with Cuba. Washington has now indicated that it is reviewing the extreme anti-Cuban measures of the Trump era. First reliefs were announced. by Maria Muller The Biden government wants to relax the suffocating sanctions against Cuba. On May 16, Washington announced some relief at. It […]

phased easing until March 20 — RT DE

16 Feb 2022 21:01 At the video conference on Wednesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the Prime Ministers of the federal states agreed on some opening steps in the so-called “corona pandemic”. These are to be implemented in stages on March 4th and March 20th. However, the Chancellor is sticking to the goal of general […]

Corona expert Stöhr is getting impatient – “Extensive easing is long overdue” – RT DE

15 Feb 2022 4:52 pm The virologist and epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr often criticized the federal government’s corona policy as disproportionate. Now he is demanding, among other things, the lifting of all G-rules in retail and gastronomy. The internationally renowned virologist Klaus Stöhr has been critical of the official corona narrative over the past two years. […]

“All of Germany must become 2G-free” – politicians and retailers are pushing for easing — RT DE

9 Feb 2022 11:11 am Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach warned on Tuesday against a quick lifting of measures and described the discussion about easing as inappropriate. Some politicians and especially the trade obviously see it differently. The calls for easing perspectives in the COVID-19 pandemic are getting louder and louder. The leader of […]

US sanctions easing allows Iran’s nuclear facilities to be redesigned with Russia’s help — RT EN

8 Feb 2022 8:12 am In order to facilitate a revival of the nuclear agreement, Washington announced the first easing of sanctions on Iran. Russia and China are to convert some of Iran’s nuclear facilities for civilian activities. Israel declares that the country reserves the right to take military action. The coming weeks are considered […]

No chance of easing until Easter — RT DE

1 Feb 2022 4:36 pm Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) feels that a debate about exit strategies from the Corona crisis before Easter is currently too premature. Since the state of Baden-Württemberg has just passed new regulations, he cannot understand this discussion. During the open question and answer session at a press […]

Austria announces easing — RT DE

29 Jan 2022 3:59 pm With regard to the Omicron variant, Austria no longer expects the intensive care units to be overloaded and has therefore presented a timetable for easing in retail, hospitality and gastronomy. In addition, the correction of the measures in schools was announced. The Austrian government presented a phased plan for easing […]

“Not very effective from the start” – top virologist Stöhr calls for easing of 2G rules – RT DE

26 Jan 2022 20:53 After the federal and state consultations, Chancellor Scholz declared that he wanted to “stay on course” in corona policy for the time being. The renowned epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr, on the other hand, called for a clear change of course. The time is ripe to allow “more normality”. Prof. Klaus Stöhr is […]