“Our economy has completely collapsed” — RT DE

Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948. The island nation lacks fuel, gas and medicines. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has now said openly that his country’s economy has collapsed completely. Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe described his country’s economic situation in dramatic terms during his speech to Parliament on […]

Russia aligns its economy to the east and changes economic structure — RT EN

Herman Gref, the head of Russia’s Sberbank, delivered a speech at a business breakfast at the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg. In it he spoke about the reorientation of the Russian economy towards the East. At the beginning of the traditional business breakfast at the International Economic Forum in Saint-Petersburg, Sberbank CEO Herman Gref […]

“German economy navigating turbulent waters” – Ifo and IfW lower growth forecasts — RT DE

The alarm bells are ringing in Munich and Kiel: Unsurprisingly, the two most well-known German economic research institutes on Wednesday lowered their economic forecasts for the current year and the coming year, some significantly. The ECB, meanwhile, seems at a loss as to how to find solutions to the dilemma it has caused itself. The […]

Should Maduro save the German economy? – Federal government suddenly wants oil from Venezuela — RT DE

13 June 2022 18:43 After the devastating effects of the anti-Russian sanctions hit the German economy more and more, the federal government is in a hurry to find a solution to the self-inflicted dilemma – now the energy rescue is supposed to come from Venezuela of all places. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Iranian Presidency Like the […]

The EU is strangling its own economy — RT EN

Six packages of EU sanctions failed to end the war and did not persuade Russia to change its political goals. So a seventh package should fix it. It is becoming clearer every day that the damage is significantly greater for the EU and Germany than for Russia. by Gert Ewen Ungar The sixth package of […]

Russia’s economy will stabilize by 2023 — RT EN

The European Commission has issued a forecast regarding the Russian economy. Although there are said to be negative signs, the economy may stabilize by 2023. Because of the sanctions, private investment in the country could fall by more than 20 percent. The Russian economy is expected to stabilize by 2023 and be able to adapt […]

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine warns of drastic measures to save economy — RT DE

Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko has warned against drastic measures to prop up the collapsing economy. A prolonged conflict with Russia could lead to massive tax hikes and nationalizations. According to Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, the Ukrainian government will take “painful” measures if the military conflict in the country lasts three or four more […]