"Get ready for Trump 2024": Hold still, don’t stir up democrats!

How do the Republicans get back to power? A billionaire meets with leading Conservatives and possible presidential candidates in Las Vegas on this issue. Trump holds back as much as necessary, but already has his fingers in the game. Donald Trump says he can no longer use his election campaign slogan from last year. “Keep […]

Nuclear energy is the topic of the election campaign: Macron toying with mini nuclear power plants

Despite the expansion of renewable energies, France does not want to part with nuclear energy for the time being. President Macron even plans to invest in novel nuclear power plants. The technology is not yet ready for production. Nuclear power is on the rise again in France – and surprisingly it has even become an […]

Despite a bitter election defeat: Babis could remain head of government

The opinion pollers in the Czech Republic did not see this coming: the opposition parties secure a majority in parliament, Prime Minister Babis’ Orban course is being punished. Still, the populist could lead the next government. Observers speak of a political earthquake: In the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic, two liberal-conservative opposition alliances surprisingly […]

Lilly Blaudszun deletes Twitter: SPD young star turns his back on politics

For years, Lilly Blaudszun has been giving an insight into her life as a young social democrat on social networks. She maintains close contacts with Prime Minister Schwesig and also with the party’s national leadership. A few days after the elections, the 20-year-old said goodbye to the public. SPD social media star Lilly Blaudszun, who […]

SPD leader in "Early start": Esken calls for Jamaica to be canceled by the Greens and the FDP

The SPD wins the federal election, but is dependent on the Greens and the FDP for the Chancellery. Party leader Esken rejects preliminary agreements with the potential partners. She sees no basis for a Union-led government. The SPD party leader Saskia Esken expects the Greens and FDP to reject a Jamaica alliance led by CDU […]