Local elections in Saxony: CDU dominates district elections – "blue wonder" Stay off

In Saxony, the elections for new mayors and district administrators were held on Sunday. Around 400 candidates were on the ballot papers for the 185 mayoral elections. Noisy According to the MDR, incumbents from the CDU defended their posts in northern Saxony, the district of Leipzig and the district of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains. After […]

PM Khan announces early elections – army chief wants closer ties to US — RT EN

3 Apr 2022 2:19 p.m Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announces early elections. A vote of no confidence against him was unexpectedly rejected as unconstitutional. While the opposition protested against it, Pakistan’s army chief, General Bajwa, called for closer ties with the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan surprisingly announced early elections. Earlier on […]

Orbán versus the rest of the world? How the West views the upcoming Hungarian elections — RT EN

14 Feb 2022 5:00 p.m Hungarians will go to the most tightly contested elections on April 3 since the country became a functioning democracy in 1990. Western election observers, the European Commission’s withholding of funds, and outright criticism from the US and EU are good reasons for Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s concern. A commentary by […]

Portugal’s Socialists surprisingly win absolute majority in parliamentary elections — RT EN

31 Jan 2022 10:09 am Portugal’s socialists have achieved a goal that the country’s media never gave them credit for: an absolute majority in parliament. Now they can reign practically unhindered. But the challenges ahead are complex. Prime Minister António Costa is allowed to start a new edition of the “miracle” that was much celebrated […]