Between hope and skepticism: How will the coal phase-out succeed by 2030?

The traffic light coalition has big plans for the energy transition. While there is at least a formal optimistic mood in companies in the West, there is enormous skepticism from Lusatia. The central question, however, will be whether politics can initiate the necessary upheavals. Helmut Badtke moved from the Ruhr area to Lusatia 30 years […]

EEG surcharge will be abolished: What the traffic light is planning for climate protection

The price of electricity should fall, the share of renewable energies should increase, natural gas should only be a transitional technology and the subsidy for hybrid vehicles should end. An overview of the traffic light’s climate policy plans. It stood above the negotiations between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP: The goal anchored in […]

Ex-BASF boss Hambrecht: "Should keep nuclear power plants operating"

After the Fukushima disaster in 2011, the then BASF boss Hambrecht negotiated the exit from nuclear energy. Ten years later, he calls for nuclear power plants to run longer. In an interview, he describes how his rethinking process came about and what the legislature could do. J├╝rgen Hambrecht has gone through a process of thinking, […]

Industry saved ten billion: politicians are silent EEG trickery dead

With tricks and an amnesty, German companies save EEG surcharges of ten billion euros. But instead of getting the electricity customers back their excessive expenses, the Union, SPD and FDP are silent about it. Only the Greens can check whether the machinations will still be an issue. Neither the Union nor the traffic light parties […]

Charging station for e-cars: Can tenants choose the provider themselves?

The future belongs to electric cars. But where can tenants charge their cars? One thing is clear: if you want to install your own charging station, the landlord has a say. Tenants cannot freely decide which provider to install a charging station for their electric car. Even if you want to do this at your […]

Expensive gas and electricity tariffs: Finanztest recommends tariff optimizers in particular

Electricity and gas are becoming more and more expensive, but consumers find it difficult to switch providers. If they do take action, many customers use a comparison calculator. However, none of eight of these portals performed well in a study by Finanztest. Exchange services can be an alternative. Energy prices are rising. But for the […]