Ancestor of new series: Change of heart at Toyota – first electric car

The bZ4 is not only the first real electric car from Toyota, according to the will of the Japanese it should also be the “progenitor” of new series. However, the idea of ​​propulsion with hydrogen and fuel cells has not yet been abandoned. At least that’s what the prototype Lexus ROV suggests. The Japanese word […]

Like Ken Miles – only electric: Porsche Taycan GTS – Square Dance of Speed

Word has got around that the Porsche Taycan is an extremely sporty electric car. In Zuffenhausen, however, they are not yet satisfied and, with the GTS, they have launched a Taycan that has been optimized for the circuit for the first time and that could electrify again. The three letters GTS are almost legendary for […]

Ovaobike with a sharp design: the next e-motorcycle is coming to Europe

Ovaobike’s electric two-wheelers are a real eye-catcher. Individual models are also convincing in terms of technical data. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this also applies to loading times and speed. In 2019, the Taiwanese two-wheeler manufacturer Ottobike caused a sensation with the presentation of two electric light motorcycles at the EICMA motorcycle trade […]

IW economist on coalition agreement: "Not a big hit, but a good start"

The traffic light coalition set the bar high at the beginning of their reign. The ambitious goals for climate protection, digitization and housing construction, for example, will devour billions. However, it remains unclear where the money will come from. talks to the economist Tobias Hentze from the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft IW about debt […]

Negotiations on the home stretch: Greens praise "new dynamism" in climate protection

The future traffic light government must deliver on climate protection, the Greens have made this a condition for their participation. Obviously, one can live well with what has now been agreed with the SPD and FDP. Will the coalition agreement be presented on Wednesday? The Greens are satisfied with the agreements made by the future […]