Compulsory vaccination in England: Tens of thousands of carers are at risk of losing their jobs

For employees in English retirement and nursing homes there is now a compulsory vaccination. Thousands of nurses apparently did not respond to the call in time. You can now be transferred – or fired. Even now, homes can no longer operate beds. Tens of thousands of unvaccinated caregivers will no longer be allowed to work […]

From April there is a risk of job loss: England decides to make vaccinations compulsory for nursing staff

While the vaccination period for geriatric carers in England is just about to expire, government health workers have until April. But then there is a risk of job loss, announced the British health minister. He argues that there are high levels of infection from unvaccinated personnel. In England, NHS public health workers must be vaccinated […]

English clinics overloaded: Long waiting times cost lives and cause chaos

Three months after “Freedom Day”, corona infections and hospital admissions in England are increasing rapidly. This has devastating consequences for acute patients – the waiting times in emergency rooms are so long that in some cases help comes too late. At least two patients have recently died in England due to hours of waiting in […]

After a medically prescribed break: Queen receives guests again

Last week she had to go to the hospital for one night, and now Queen Elizabeth II is again attending official appointments. After an initial virtual audience, there will soon be a face-to-face appearance. Queen Elizabeth II has completed the first official appointment after her medically prescribed rest period. The British Queen received the Korean […]

British Government Against Plan B: Hangover 100 Days After "Freedom Day"

Among other things, the vaccination campaign, which was very successful at the beginning, caused the British government to end all corona restrictions in mid-July. Many experts warned against the move even then. The numbers currently prove them right. The government remains true to itself, however, as a major problem looms. “Cautious, but irreversible” – this […]