Poland urgently needs replacements for military equipment delivered to Ukraine — RT EN

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has said that the republic urgently needs to stock up on military equipment after supplying many weapons to Ukraine. Poland is prepared to receive used weapons as well. Poland’s arms stocks have become too scarce due to military aid to Ukraine. The country wants its Western allies to replace the weapons […]

Russia starts manufacturing equipment for Egypt’s first nuclear power plant — RT EN

Production of equipment for Egypt’s first nuclear power plant Ed-Dabaa has started in Russia. The official start of construction in Egypt is planned for the first half of July. The nuclear power plant is to be built on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Production of equipment for Egypt’s first nuclear power plant, Ed-Dabaa, started […]

“Without Ukraine reference” – Thousands of soldiers and a lot of military equipment at NATO exercise Wettiner Heide — RT DE

19 May 2022 10:36 am Large-scale military exercises have been taking place in Europe since the beginning of May. Thousands of soldiers practice methods of warfare. Two maneuvers are currently underway in Germany. But the training has nothing to do with the Ukraine conflict, emphasizes NATO. Source: www.globallookpress.com © IMAGO/Droese Every year, large-scale NATO military […]

Germany has so far delivered weapons and equipment to Ukraine worth more than 190 million euros — RT DE

Panzerfausts, anti-aircraft missiles, machine guns and many millions of rounds of ammunition: since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has received armaments from Germany worth more than 190 million euros. However, the total scope could be larger, since not everything is recorded anymore. In the first eight weeks of the war, the federal government delivered […]