Activists stopped on the bus: Poland’s border regime divides German politics

While German activists are stopped on a trip to the Polish border area, the Greens in particular condemn the strict Warsaw line and insist on the right to asylum. But the future SPD leader Klingbeil sets other accents. The CDU foreign politician Röttgen also. The Polish police stopped a bus of German refugee activists who […]

Escalation in the refugee dispute: Lukashenko refers to Putin’s nuclear weapons

The Belarusian autocrat is bringing a nuclear escalation into play in the refugee dispute with the EU. Should “mistakes” occur at the Polish border, Russia would be drawn into the conflict. Warsaw, on the other hand, sees Kremlin chief Putin as the real mastermind behind the onslaught on the EU’s external border. The Belarusian ruler […]

Help for Lukashenko: EU examines refugee flights from 33 countries

Up to 33 countries and their airlines may help the Belarusian dictator transport migrants to Minsk: In addition to Turkish Airlines, which reject the suspicion, companies from Russia, Syria, Venezuela or Iran are on the EU’s checklist. The EU is investigating a possible involvement of Russia in the refugee conflict with Belarus. Brussels has Moscow […]

Initiative asks Seehofer: Seebrücke wants to bring Belarus migrants

The Seebrücke initiative is known for rescuing refugees at sea in the Mediterranean. Now activists want to help stranded migrants in the border area between Poland and Belarus and bring them to Germany on the bus. The Ministry of the Interior advises that such an action is a criminal offense. Activists from Germany want to […]

Talk about refugees at Lanz: "Brutality competition" at EU borders

For weeks, more and more refugees have been stranded on the Belarusian-Polish border. The situation of the people stuck there is devastating. The talk group at Markus Lanz agreed: This is a “shame for Europe”. Once you have seen these pictures, you will not soon forget them. Migrants on the border from Belarus to Poland. […]

After pushbacks at the EU border: Croatia suspends three police officers

The Croatian police react quickly: after video recordings of the use of force by masked special forces at the EU’s external border, three officers have been suspended. Unlike Greece, Zagreb refrains from flatly denying the allegations. According to media reports and subsequent initial investigations, Croatia has admitted violent illegal rejections of asylum seekers at its […]

Against smugglers from Belarus: Twelve states want EU money for border fences

Since Belarus illegally smuggled migrants into the EU, pressure on Brussels has increased. Twelve member states are demanding to be able to finance their border installations with community money. The signatories are also calling for the Schengen Borders Code to be adapted. Germany is not one of them. The unwanted migration via Belarus into the […]