Breaking trade ties with Russia will have drastic consequences for Europe — RT EN

A massive increase in inflation, which is already threatening social peace, would only be one consequence. According to a forecast by the Spanish central bank, breaking off trade relations with Russia would be very expensive, and not just for Spain. According to industry experts, the consequences of the European Union’s decision to ban oil imports […]

Europe – heading towards self-imposed hunger crisis like the perpetually satiated — RT DE

By Anastassia Popowa Thanks to the special military operation in Ukraine, not only did ordinary Russians Ivan and Olga (who are largely disinterested in such topics, as they are everywhere in the world in normal times), but people all over the world learned: Russia is not just the proverbial gas station, but also Supplier of […]

Asia overtakes Europe in buying Russian oil for the first time — RT US

Amid Western restrictions on Russia, purchases of Russian oil in Asia have skyrocketed, data on crude oil shipments by sea show. This record is primarily due to deliveries to India. Asian countries have overtaken Europe for the first time in terms of oil volumes sourced from Russia. This reported Bloomberg, citing calculations by Singapore-based Kpler […]