US would ‘support’ idea of ​​another European military bloc — RT EN

A recent media report said that London was striving to establish a “European Commonwealth”. In addition to Great Britain, the alliance should include Ukraine and some EU countries. According to a US envoy, Washington would support such an alliance. The US Permanent Representative to NATO Julianne Smith declared on Tuesday that Washington would “support” the […]

Ten Eastern European countries urge EU to renegotiate ongoing vaccine deals — RT EN

The current contracts, mostly with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, would have to be renegotiated due to the oversupply of vaccine doses. In addition, the need to protect state finances should be reassessed. Furthermore, states should generally be able to opt out of the treaties. The US website Politico informed about a letter according to which […]

Russia ends participation in European higher education system — RT EN

On May 24, Russian Minister of Science and Education Valery Falkov announced the country’s exit from the two-tier Bologna higher education system, which Russia joined in 2003. The minister also informed about the further development of the education system in Russia. “The Bologna process is a thing of the past,” Falkow told the newspaper Kommersant. […]