Ukrainian soldiers shoot dead 10 Russian POWs and post evidence themselves — RT EN

18 Nov 2022 4:23 pm A Ukrainian assault squad has apparently shot dead a group of defenseless Russian soldiers. The Ukrainians themselves posted video evidence of the crime online. The incident happened in the north of the Luhansk People’s Republic during the fighting for the strategically important city of Svatovo. Russian media reports on an […]

Pentagon has no evidence of Iran supplying ballistic missiles to Russia — RT EN

9 Nov 2022 6:40 p.m A Pentagon spokesman said Washington had no evidence against the allegations against Iran over alleged missile deliveries to Russia. The situation will be carefully monitored. The Pentagon has commented on the rumors spread by Kyiv about the delivery of ballistic missiles from Iran to Russia. The US military has no […]

Russia presents evidence of Kyiv’s possible use of ‘dirty bomb’ — RT EN

Peskov: US handling of information about Kiev’s plans to manufacture a “dirty bomb” is unacceptable Washington’s stance on Kiev’s plans to use a “dirty bomb” is unacceptable given the seriousness of such a threat, Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s press secretary said. He emphasized: “This is an approach that is far from serious, an approach that […]