Ukrainian allegations against Russian military in Bucha lack evidence — RT EN

5 Apr 2022 10:21 pm Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya has stated that Ukraine’s allegations against the Russian military are not supported by any evidence. The ambassador referred to the events in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. Ukraine’s allegations against the Russian military are not supported by any evidence. The Permanent […]

Video evidence of military use — RT DE

22 mar 2022 8:11 am The shopping center in Kyiv that was fired upon by the Russian military on Sunday evening was obviously a legitimate military target. Videos from the Russian Ministry of Defense show that military vehicles were parked there and weapons were stored. The Retroville shopping center in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, […]

Have evidence of “bioweapons components” in US-funded Ukrainian labs — RT DE

18 mar 2022 8:26 p.m Pentagon-backed facilities are said to have manufactured “bioweapons components” in Ukraine and attempted to sweep it under the rug. The Russian military said so. It found official documents that supported this terrible suspicion. US military-funded laboratories are said to have manufactured biological weapons components in Ukraine. The employees on site […]

Russia presents evidence of biological weapons development in Ukraine — RT EN

6 mar 2022 8:15 p.m According to the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, it has documents proving the operation of secret biological laboratories in Ukraine. The documents also show that dangerous pathogens are said to have been destroyed after the start of the Russian intervention in Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow has […]

Corona sequences in previous laboratory samples provide further evidence for laboratory origin of SARS-CoV-2 – RT DE

11 Feb 2022 8:32 am Hungarian scientists have found new evidence of a possible laboratory origin of the coronavirus. Soil samples from Antarctica analyzed by a Chinese biotechnology company in 2019 were contaminated with an early version of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. In the last few days, the debate about a possible laboratory origin of the […]

‘Havana Syndrome’ – CIA finds no evidence of hostile crackdown on US embassies — RT EN

21 Jan 2022 8:21 am The CIA has reportedly been unable to identify any foreign campaign to harm the health of US diplomatic personnel. The Director of the CIA promised to continue the investigation into the so-called Havana Syndrome, since questions remained unanswered. Most of the 1,000 reported cases of “Havana syndrome,” a mysterious illness […]